Thursday, 22 October 2009

Who's Bad? Trailer Review

This particular 'Teen Comedy' really was hilarious and comical and immediately grabbed my attention.

The 'protagonist' is a typical stereotype of a geeky school kid; who has various denotations through props including thick black glasses, shirt tucked in and who dresses very formally in a school environment where there are other characters which are cool, this use of binary opposition is effective. The geek aims to become 'cool' and ultimately achieve sexual experience, by getting a girlfriend through the help of his friends. Through close ups, medium shots and long shots, the audience are able to 'identify' with the protagonist.

This trailer has enigma codes, as the audience intend to find out if the geek will end up achieving sexual pleasure or not and if he will survive in the tough school environment. There is also a linear pattern, as the movie might be intended to show the progression of the geek's self discovery.

Interestingly, the use of comical music and transition of scenes proves to be very effective as the use of non digetic sound as background music links to the stereotype of the bumbly, shy geek.

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