Saturday, 17 October 2009

Do the images of skinny models have an impact?

Generally, skinny models have been highly criticised for being malnourished and seemingly made to look ideally thin due to the models endorsing the clothes and are seemingly made to aappear beautiful and a typical representation of woman as a whole.

Skinny models appear to be a media effect or hypodermic model as they incite women and young girls. Consequently, this appearance of thinness persuades women into becoming thin and being able to wear clothes which they feel secure and confident in, therefore being thin is seen to be ideal. Interestingly, in the media, there has been moral panic, as people are concerned into the fact that size zero models are 'fashion victims' as they are made to look thin, as they may be omitted from being a model, as being slighlty fatter or healthier might not be suitable and might ruin the way the clothes are modelled on the user.

There might also be a sense of
catharsis amongst designers, fashion magazine companies and fashion icons, as they might only intend to show off their creations and might be mainly concerned on making money, rather than being concerned on the model who actually is wearing and promoting the clothes. Also, these fashion conscience superiors might ignore the moral panic which is shown in the media.

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