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Harry Potter and the Philsopher's stone novel


Harry Potter discovers that he is a wizard and attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where becomes friends with Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley, he also makes enemies , notably Draco Malfoy . The main protroganist, Harry has a main enemy, which is Lord Voldermort, who killed his parents. Harry adjusts to life as a wizard and meets his teachers, such as Mr Snape, Professor Mc Gonagall, Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore and Professor Quirell who is the new defence against the dark arts teacher. Harry is put into Gryffindor house along with Hermoine and Ron. Harry also becomes the new seeker for the Gryfindor quidditch team.


During a quidditch match, Harry's broom controlled; realising it is Snape, Hermoine sets fire to Snape's robe, Hagrid, a close friend of Harry's and Hermoine's refuses to believe Snape was behind it , but lets slip that he bought a three-headed dog, and that the dog is guarding a secret that belongs to Professor Dumbledore and someone called Nicolas Flamel.
After receiving an invisibility cloak for Christmas, Harry researches about Flamel but is interrupted by the book which shrieks. Furthermore, Harry later consoles Neville;a fellow Gryffindor housemate after he is pranked by Malfoy, and gives him a sweet. The sweet seems to contain a collectible card which explains that Flamel is a 665 year old alchemist who possesses a stone called the Philospher's stone, from which can be extracted the elixir of life. Later, it is revealed that drinking unicorn blood will save the life of a mortally injured person, but only leaving them barely alive. Voldermort is suggested to drink the blood
to gain enough strength to make the elixir of life from the Philosopher's Stone, and regain full health by drinking it.


Harry and his friends use his invisibility cloak to reach the three headed dog's chamber, where the dog is asleep on top of a trap door, after opening the trap door they encounter obstacles requiring specialist skills, one of which involves Ron getting sacrificed and Hermoine unconscious. Harry proceeds and finds Mr Quirell, who talks to Harry . It is revealed that
Quirrell serves Voldemort and serves him in order for success.
However the only other object in the room is the Mirror of Erised, and Quirrell can see no sign of the Stone. Quirrel forces Harry to stand in front of the Mirror. Quirrell removes his turban, revealing the face of Voldemort on the back of his head. Quirrell tries to grab the stone from Harry, but simply touching Harry causes Quirrell's flesh to burn. Consequently, Harry defeats Voldermort as he becomes disintegrated and lays unconscious. After recovering from hospital, he is seen to have saved the day

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