Monday, 5 October 2009

Hollyoaks Episode Summary

Hollyoaks Episode on Monday 05 Oct 2009 6.30pm on Channel 4

Hollyoaks is a long running soap opera, set in Hollyoaks Community College in the Chester suburb. It revolves around the lives of teenagers who attend the college and their various experiences and feelings.

'Jake is let out of prison, but is unsure on returning home, however, Dr Sanders informs him of his immediate release.Meanwhile, Newt; one of the main teenage characters is on the run with his fiend Eli '.

This Hollyoaks episode is a typical linear narrative, as it focuses on various characters' stories and aims to show their own viewpoints . In some ways, it could be a multi strand narrative , as it mentions more than one narrative running parallel and involving various characters and locations, this type of narrative is common amongst other soaps such as Eastenders, Coronation Street. Interestingly, each episode begins with different genres of music to highlight the character's moods or feelings.

Within this episode, the main protagonist is Newt. In this episode, he is introduced and use of flashbacks and binary opposition, show his previous history and the fact that he has run away from home after murdering Gaz . Newt is left alone; through the use of extreme close up shot and big close up shot , the audience recognise Newt as the main character and begin to identify with him , as well as his family; the use of medium long shots at the beginning of the episode show Newt's family's worries over his safety and arouse concern over his well being.

At the beginning of the episode, Jake is introduced through a big close up shot
and medium long shot which could show he is being interviewed . Interestingly, there is use of binary opposition ,which could show his past and could intrigue audiences.Slowly, there is voice over of Jake and the camera is focused from a long shot angle and shows Newt drinking on a park bench, this transition could show audiences that Jake has had a troubled past and could directly link to Newt, as he is going through the same phase of retribution and resentment after he murdered Gaz. To a certian extent, this could be an enigma code , as the audience could be left in suspense over what will happen to Jake; will he be released and be accepted by his friends? and will Newt return to his family to be accepted, after he murdered Gaz?

In some ways, the audience could identify with Newt, as they could understand the guilty conscience and personal conflict, after going through a rough time and being followed by the police constantly. Similarly, we could identify with Newt as he has to hide and has to admit to murder, we could relate to him, as we the audience could have committed something terrible and could still have that guilt within our self, which we need to let out.

There is use of action codes within this episode, as Jake talks about confession and Newt is on the run after murdering Gaz, this narrative develops as Newt decides to confess about the murder. Newt and Eli stop a woman from committing suicide and Newt's family including his sister is worrying about him.

The episode begins with Jake confessing his guilt to Doctor Sanders about the crime which he had seen, this is seen to be the equilibrium . Consequently, the narrative develops as Newt; who is on the run for murder is provoked to steal an elderly woman's handbag by Eli, due to the fact that he cannot get access to food, because of potential forensic evidence, and so needs money to buy food; this is the disequilibrium. The new equilibrium is when Newt meets awoman named Rae who wants to committ sucide due to depression, but is prohibited by Newt, they later share a kiss.There is another new equilibrium, as Jake is released from the health institution.

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