Monday, 26 October 2009

Self Evaluation

(1 = excellent, 2 = good, 3 =good/average, 4 = poor, 5 = very poor)

Attainment(2) Over the past few weeks, I have learned a substantial amount of media terminology such as mise- en- scene, catharsis and other such terminology. As well as this, I have also understood the key concepts of media and have successfully been able to comment on them within my blog and in general.

Effort (1) Generally, I have put a considerable amount of effort so far. In the blog, I have thoroughly analysed certain media that was given to us for analysis such as film trailers and I have used the media terminology in a coherent, sophisticated style

Punctuality (2) I always arrive to lessons on time, occasionally I have been two or three minutes late to lesson

Submission and quality of homework (1) Generally, I finish the homework on time and to a high standard. On the blog, I always submit the homework and post it on time.

Ability to work independently (2) On the blog tasks, as well as other work, I believe I work well independently, as I can extract other relevant information and paraphrase certain information, as well as producing logical argumentative points, as is the case in the blog.

Quality of writing (2) I think my writing style is quite formal, as I use essay style answers in my blog , using a variety of conjunctions, paragraphs and embedding key terminology and key words within the blog. Almost always, I use a high standard regarding presentation and content and usually end up writing critically and consitently.

Organisation of blog (1) On the whole, my blog tends to be organised, as I title my work, use relevant pictures, videos and use a sophisticated presentation style; using paragraphs and other features.

Oral contribution in class (2) In the lessons, I believe I do contribute fully, however, I could take part more in lessons, for example in debates or giving personal ideas to certain areas in the media, answering more questions and engaging in conversation in the class.

Three achievements (www):-
1) I have tried to use most of the media terminolgy in my answers and in the blog
2) I have learnt more about the media in deta il, such as pyschographics/ demographics, Todorov and equilibrium/ disequilibrium and new equilibrium and other media such as newspapers; oppositional/ dominant and negotiated readings and other areas
3) I have organised my blog extensively and used balanced arguments in the blog

Three targets/ areas for improvement (www) :-
1) Refer to certain theorists , namely, Stuart Hall, Roland Barthes, Todorov in the blog work
2) Try to mention all areas in the key concepts and terminology (MIGRAIN) in the blog
3) Participate more in class, such as debates, producing own ideas and iinterpreations

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