Sunday, 4 October 2009

Burger King: Angry Whopper advert

This is a BURGER KING advert which was aired on ITV1 during a film break


The Burger King advert features an anger management worker who talks to a group of people about an Angry Whopper which is out at Burger King and shows the group how to tackle the angry whopper emotionally. This advert would be aimed at males and females, as it is a burger which intends to combine difernet flavours which are aimed at each sex.


The advert shows the anger management worker shouting angrily at a dustbin collection lorry and shows sarcsam toward the lorry which is reversing. The idea of the advert is to signify that the angry whopper is chilly and is very strong, so therefore, it is aimed towards people who like spicy, strong flavours in their food. Also, audiences may identify with the worker, as the strong flavours might connotate anger, mixed passion and might result in humour from the audience.


The ideas of the advertisment is to encourage the audicne to try a new burger, which contains strong spices and a mixed pallette of flavours. The dominant reading, would be to try Burger King's new burger which has various flavours.

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