Sunday, 6 December 2009

Meet the Parents Film Still Analysis

Film still from Meet the Parents(2000)

This still from Meet the Parents is a low angle shot of the protagonist, Greg Focker. The use of the low angle shot connotes a sense of tension and panic, as the character seems to be desperately hanging onto a cat, whilst on top of a roof of a house and with fire starting in the gutter. The facial expressions of the protagonists connote fear and anxiety, as he does not want to let go of the cat, and let him fall.

There is use of high key lighting and under lighting, this along with the low angle shot seem to signify the importance of the character in the frame, the protagonist's hand and features are accentuated and defined through lighting, although shadows are present, which intentionally is used to alleviate the protagonist, that is positioned on the left hand side of the frame. The audience seem to be like observers from a low angle and could identify with the protagonist, this angle shows how the audience are expecting the cat to be safe and for the tension and trouble to be extinguished. Surprisingly, the enigma code can be suggested by the audience, as they are unsure of whether the cat will fall, if the protagonist will get injured , and if the fire will be recognised and eventually extinguished.

The use of costume on the protagonist and the cat as a prop in the frame seem to connote uncertainty, as to if the cat will survive, and in the protagonist's case, normality and trouble , as he could have let the cat out, when he was not supposed to, and was thought be doing things right.

Batman:The Dark Knight Film Still Analysis

Film still from Batman:Dark Knight (2008)

This still, from Batman;The Dark Knight is a high angle shot of the main protagonist, Batman. The protagonist can be identified by the audience, as he has a black cape, which are meant to resemble a bat's wings. The protagonist's costume is a black armoured suit with a belt. The use of the colour black could connote mystery and dormancy, as the costume is meant to resemble the body of a bat, which is black and can fly, as connoted by the extensive wings.

The use of the high angle shot and top lighting could connote a sense of danger, as he seems to be swooping down to the audience, making them feel threatened. The swooping down pose seems to suggest that the protagonist is in action and could be the hero, as he is involved in an action code. The use of top lighting seems to accentuate the features of the protagonist, in order to draw attention to him.

In regards to setting, the protagonist seems to be in a car park setting, the film could be set in a city, as the film could be a typical good vs evil binary opposition based film and could involve the fight between the two rivals in the narrative. The use of high key lighting and filler light could uplift the protagonist and highlight him as being important in the frame, as he is positioned on the centre of the frame,which signifies that he is the hero and alleviates the goodness of the character.

Casino Royale Film Still Analysis

Film Still from Casino Royale (2006)

In this film still, there is a supposed gambling game taking place, in what looks like a casino setting. The use of medium shots of the protagonist on the left hand side of the still is identified by the audience, as his facial expression connotes a sense of composed tension, he is seemingly unfazed by the various tensions faced by the other gamblers. The costumes worn by the characters in the still connote a sense of formality and wealth, as they are wearing suits and have bow ties, which could show that they are involved in a formal event.

Also, the use of high key lighting and filler light, could connote how the characters in the still are the main focal point and are focused in detail. Interestingly, the man behind the gamblers is seemingly insignificant and is conveyed through low key lighting, as being an overseer. The frame only involves the protagonist and the main characters in the game, which connotes their importance. To some extent, the use of low key lighting in the background seems to draw attention to the game and the characters, which could connote that the character's tensions and focus is signified by the audience.The character's focus in the frame is towards the right hand side, which could connote that they are drawn to something.

The use of props, ie the gambling chips and cards in the still connote a sense of chance and uncertainty, as the charcters' facial expressions connote a sense of anxiety and tension. Also, their facial expressions could be an enigma code, as the audience does'nt seem to know which player is going to win the game.

Analysis of film stills

Freddy vs Jason Film Still

This particular film still is a long shot of Jason Voorhees, one of the antagonists from the film Freddy vs Jason. The use of the long shot connotes a sense of power and sincerity, as he is signified as being dangerous, as evident in the shot, where he is holding a prop which is a machete.

Through the use of low key lighting, Jason is connoted as being quite sinister and lethal, as his pose is rigorous and his clothes seem rugged and informal, which could connote that he has been involved in some sort of action, as the setting also helps to describe what sort of setting the character is involved in.Jason could be an evil character, who goes on a killing spree, this still could develop the narrative, as it could be a point in the narrative where he is introduced. The use of a hockey mask could connote how he is adamant to keep his identity secret from the audience, and could be an enigma code for the audience , as they are unsure of who is and why is he hiding his face.

As well as this, the use of filler light and back lighting could connote that Jason could be a potential hero in the film , as he is positioned in the centre of the frame, which could highlight his significance, and could be identified by the audience, as being the unusual hero. However, this could also be an enigma code, as his pose and costume could be connoting a sense of rebellion and violence, as he is holding a machete weapon. as he is glorified with use of high key lighting, this could be a dominant reading in the film. This still could be an action code, as Jason is introduced with a weapon , which could show how action is about to take place.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Touch of Evil Opening Scene Analysis

The opening scene of Touch of Evil directed by Orson Welles (1958)

1) Discuss how the cinematography contributes to the telling of the story and the build up of suspense

In the introduction of the scene, there is a immediate close up shot of the bomb device. Following this close up, the scene progresses, as the use of the crane shot seems to progress and follow the action in the particular frame of the scene. The cinematography seems to be varied in terms of camera movement and camera angles, giving the sense of suspense within the scene.

The use of a close up shot of a person setting the bomb could connote how something tragic is about to happen and gives an insight into the expectations of the narrative as a whole. After the activation, the use of a tracking shot is evident, as the camera seems to follow the assassin planting the bomb in the car boot, which could be an enigma code, as the audience could wonder why the assassin is planting the bomb and who he intends to assassinate.

Although he is the villain, the audience are encouraged to identify with him in the form of tracking shots, as we are seemingly following him and realise his motives and intentions, ie setting a bomb, planting it in a car boot. Shortly after this, a crane shot is used to show how the car is significant in the result of the scene.

Immediately, the scene cuts to an establishing shot of the town, the use of a high angle shot is used to show how other charters are unaware of what is about to happen, normality is conveyed here. By using these shots, we are encouraged to identify with the villian, as we are seemingly observing the plan in action.

The use of long shots and medium shots are used to show how the car is being positioned intentionally in a public place within the town, in order to target the people to which the bomb was intended for.

Interestingly, the use of the main subject matter of the car, seems to be left out of view and is zoomed out. To a certain extent, enigma is created, however the audience seem to AS Level Media Studies Blogacknowledge the fact that the car is going to be significant, and could know the consequences and result of the narrative, the car will explode, killing the targeted people and will create a spectacle.

2)Consider how the cinematography and the music and sound work together

The use of contrapuntal sound seems to be playing over the beginning scene, which seems to show the audience that the bomb is about to be set. The use of a close up shot is apparent, as the main focus is on the bomb which is iconic in the scene.Whats more, the use of a sound bridge , seems to move the scenes forward, as the scene moves to a different setting which is a busy, lively town, and use of a medium shot immediately cuts to a laughing couple .

At the beginning of the scene, there is use of non digetic sound and normal parallel sound of ticking noises coming from the bomb, excitedly the music seems to slowly rise in tempo, which could signifies how the assassin is joyfully anticipating destruction, to an extent the audience could identify with him, as we share the assassin's mood of sadistic violence, which could arouse certain pleasures from the audience.

However, there is a shift in music , when the couple get into the car, a more lively jazz music plays, this seems to pacify the scene and seems to cut the tension, from the more tense drum sounds. This music could connote a sense of irony, as the couple are unaware of the bomb in the car boot, and are not expecting a bomb to explode. The music could act as the disequilibrium, as it defecates the lively jazz music, and could connote trouble and tragedy.

The use of a crane shot follows the car as it leads away with the couple in the car. The use of digetic sounds of the crowd and police officers seems to distract the jazz music and action that is about to take place, cleverly, Welles seems to cut out the car out of the scene, in order to not capture the visual wreckage of the car, which could have harmful effects on the audience and could result in catharsis from the audience. To an extent, Welles also raises certian enigma codes from this, as the audience wonder whether the couple are still alive or not.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Analysis of Newspapers: The Daily Express

The Daily Express is a conservative, mid market British tabloid newspaper. The Daily Express is a flagship of the Express Newspapers group, which is collectively owned by Richard Desmond. This newspaper has a circulation of 728,296.

This front page of the Daily Express is laid out with large fonts. Notably, the front page seems to be dominated with text, the image is positioned in the bottom right hand corner of the page, which could show how the readership could be formed of intellectuals and could be be laid out to look appealing. Also, there is a caption underneath the image which summarise the image, and shows how the weather conditions are disatrous, as evident through words like rain, foam and snow. Evidently, there is use of the web address at the top of the page, which could show how the readers could access the newspaper's website for news updates and information. In addition, there is use of a dateline in small font to show what date the newspaper is released on. Poignantly, there is use of a pug , on the top of the front page, which could immediately grab the reader's attention, as the price is uplifted and seemingly illuminated with a bold yellow font which could make the reader buy the newspaper as it is relatively cheap and affordable.

Whats more, the newspaper seems to have a reputable slogan stating that the Daily Express is "the world's greatest newspaper", this could connote to the readership that the newspaper is genuine and is useful and spontaneous in its own right and seems to boast of its reputation. As well as this, the front page uses a bold masthead, with a mascot of St George, the patron saint of England, which connotes how the newspaper represents England and its values, traditions etc. As the mascot is in red and white, it could connote how the newspaper is patriotic of England and is therefore significant.

Evidently, there is use of the headline, which is the focal point on the front page of this newspaper, as the use of the serif font in signifies how the content of the newspaper is more formal, yet it is in a large bold, black font which could grab the reader's attention and could be more serious, in comparison to The Sun newspaper which uses mainly sans serif fonts, which connote a sense of informality and boldness. Structurally, the front page uses a bold sans serif font for the strapline, which could imply how the main story is about salmonella and food being imported, it summarises the main headline and is therefore in bold. Interestingly, this particular story might have been chosen as the leader, as it could be an important issue in society; in regards to the scare of diseases such as swine flu and other outbreaks. In accordance, the use of the standfirst is depicted using a serif font and is summarised, effectively, the article could be therefore captivating for the reader as they may choose to read on, as the main headline and strapline and shocking and seem to make a statement, as the revelation of imported food being contaminated could result in moral panic, as people might be cautious to buy or eat imported produce, in this case from Spain. Also, the front page includes a by line highlighting the writer of the article in a smaller font.