Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Incredibles;Children's movie


The Incredibles are a family of superheroes; Mr and Mrs Incredible and their son, Dash and daughter , Violet who used to be active crime fighters back in their heyday, but have chose to become 'normal' , as there has been bad publicity regarding superheroes. Mr Incredible's friend, Frozone is also left to leave the crime fighting limelight.They live in an enclosed community where they have normal office jobs and attend public school and live a life of normality and harmony.


The Incredibles' lives take an unexpected turn, when they are called into action to fight a notorious villain, Syndrome, who used to be a fan of Mr Incredible, but was rejected, due to the fact that Mr Incredible used to "fight alone", and decides to take his revenge and become 'king of the universe',through his super gadget and mega robot and with the help of The Underminer. Syndrome attacks the city with the mega robot and the Underminer. Therefore, the rest of the Incredibles and Frozone have to foil Syndrome's plan and save the planet from melt down.


Mr Incredible decides to work with his family and destroys the main part of the robot, initially saving the day. However, Syndrome has other plans, as he escapes from the city, to the Incredibles' house which he figures out and attempts to kidnap Jack Jack, the youngest Incredible family member. Surprisingly, as he tries to escape in his jet, he underestimates the baby, who has shape shifting qualities, and wriggles from his grasp. Jack Jack is thrown off , but is saved by Mrs Incredible, resulting in her being able to make a parachute due to her shape shifting abilities. Meanwhile, Syndrome tries to escape from his jet, however, his cape is caught in the jet's propeller, resulting in his demise. The Incredibles resort to living their previous life of harmony.

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