Monday, 26 October 2009

Self Evaluation

(1 = excellent, 2 = good, 3 =good/average, 4 = poor, 5 = very poor)

Attainment(2) Over the past few weeks, I have learned a substantial amount of media terminology such as mise- en- scene, catharsis and other such terminology. As well as this, I have also understood the key concepts of media and have successfully been able to comment on them within my blog and in general.

Effort (1) Generally, I have put a considerable amount of effort so far. In the blog, I have thoroughly analysed certain media that was given to us for analysis such as film trailers and I have used the media terminology in a coherent, sophisticated style

Punctuality (2) I always arrive to lessons on time, occasionally I have been two or three minutes late to lesson

Submission and quality of homework (1) Generally, I finish the homework on time and to a high standard. On the blog, I always submit the homework and post it on time.

Ability to work independently (2) On the blog tasks, as well as other work, I believe I work well independently, as I can extract other relevant information and paraphrase certain information, as well as producing logical argumentative points, as is the case in the blog.

Quality of writing (2) I think my writing style is quite formal, as I use essay style answers in my blog , using a variety of conjunctions, paragraphs and embedding key terminology and key words within the blog. Almost always, I use a high standard regarding presentation and content and usually end up writing critically and consitently.

Organisation of blog (1) On the whole, my blog tends to be organised, as I title my work, use relevant pictures, videos and use a sophisticated presentation style; using paragraphs and other features.

Oral contribution in class (2) In the lessons, I believe I do contribute fully, however, I could take part more in lessons, for example in debates or giving personal ideas to certain areas in the media, answering more questions and engaging in conversation in the class.

Three achievements (www):-
1) I have tried to use most of the media terminolgy in my answers and in the blog
2) I have learnt more about the media in deta il, such as pyschographics/ demographics, Todorov and equilibrium/ disequilibrium and new equilibrium and other media such as newspapers; oppositional/ dominant and negotiated readings and other areas
3) I have organised my blog extensively and used balanced arguments in the blog

Three targets/ areas for improvement (www) :-
1) Refer to certain theorists , namely, Stuart Hall, Roland Barthes, Todorov in the blog work
2) Try to mention all areas in the key concepts and terminology (MIGRAIN) in the blog
3) Participate more in class, such as debates, producing own ideas and iinterpreations

Friday, 23 October 2009

Ace of Spades film Trailer review

Ace of Spades is about gangsters and addiction to gambling, murder, lies and deception.

The trailer revolves around Sundeep, who is the main gangster and who's addiction comes at a cost....

As the trailer is aimed at gang culture, the stereotypes would usually be wearing formal attire ie suits, have classy cars and have a big personality.

The use of close up shots and special effects; when one of the gangsters is flipping the poker chips is very effective, as well as the scattering of the poker chips on the table is very effective. There were various action codes in the film, e.g the card games and use of cards, as gambling would lead to Sundeep's downfall.

Interestingly, the use of mise -en- scene and camera angles and shots, such as long shots, medium and close up shots were very sophisticated and cohesive.

The use of urban setting and rough areas of the city are aimed at an elder teenage audience, as they can identify with the protagonist, as the audience identify with him throughout the film.
Certain areas may link to typical gangster genre films, as there is use of a criminal stereotype which encourages violence and extortion of money

This film would be considered to be aimed at a C2/D/E demographic as they have disposable income and tend to watch more films than other socio ecomic groups such as A B.

To a certain extent, certain audience might catharsise themselves, as they might feel that watching gangster films may be too explicit and may have negative references and reflections on society.

Interestingly, the audience might be desensitized toward this film trailer, as they might be used to the recurring theme of violence and honour killings, as they might be bombarded by news spreading moral panic to viewers about gun and knife crime and how it is rising daily and might be aroused to a specific degree.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Who's Bad? Trailer Review

This particular 'Teen Comedy' really was hilarious and comical and immediately grabbed my attention.

The 'protagonist' is a typical stereotype of a geeky school kid; who has various denotations through props including thick black glasses, shirt tucked in and who dresses very formally in a school environment where there are other characters which are cool, this use of binary opposition is effective. The geek aims to become 'cool' and ultimately achieve sexual experience, by getting a girlfriend through the help of his friends. Through close ups, medium shots and long shots, the audience are able to 'identify' with the protagonist.

This trailer has enigma codes, as the audience intend to find out if the geek will end up achieving sexual pleasure or not and if he will survive in the tough school environment. There is also a linear pattern, as the movie might be intended to show the progression of the geek's self discovery.

Interestingly, the use of comical music and transition of scenes proves to be very effective as the use of non digetic sound as background music links to the stereotype of the bumbly, shy geek.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Do the images of skinny models have an impact?

Generally, skinny models have been highly criticised for being malnourished and seemingly made to look ideally thin due to the models endorsing the clothes and are seemingly made to aappear beautiful and a typical representation of woman as a whole.

Skinny models appear to be a media effect or hypodermic model as they incite women and young girls. Consequently, this appearance of thinness persuades women into becoming thin and being able to wear clothes which they feel secure and confident in, therefore being thin is seen to be ideal. Interestingly, in the media, there has been moral panic, as people are concerned into the fact that size zero models are 'fashion victims' as they are made to look thin, as they may be omitted from being a model, as being slighlty fatter or healthier might not be suitable and might ruin the way the clothes are modelled on the user.

There might also be a sense of
catharsis amongst designers, fashion magazine companies and fashion icons, as they might only intend to show off their creations and might be mainly concerned on making money, rather than being concerned on the model who actually is wearing and promoting the clothes. Also, these fashion conscience superiors might ignore the moral panic which is shown in the media.

Does watching violence produce violence?

Within society, the concept of watching violence and therefore producing violence is quite debatable. Interestingly, this concept has various oppositional readings as certain groups in society such as concerned parents may be against their children playing such games, as they evoke violent ideas and instill a homicidal tendency amongst teenagers mostly. Conversely, certain people might want to catharsise themselves or desensitize against violence such as groups in society such as Quakers, Buddhists and other such people.

In society, there have been various cases of reenactment
of such violent video games, such so, that there was a infamous case regarding a video game related murder. On February 27, 2004 in Leicester, UK, 17-year-old Warren Leblanc lured 14-year-old Stefan Pakeerah into a park and murdered him by stabbing him repeatedly with a claw hammer and a knife. Reportedly, Leblanc was fascinated by the game Manhunt, however it was discovered that he never owned the game. Consequently, this case resulted in worldwide moral panic, as many people especially, adults and parents were concerned about violent video games and their effects on the teenage or young audience. Also, there were media effects (hypodermic model), as research was conducted into how violent games or violence in general links to aggressive and addictive behaviour.

Eventually, the Manhunt
game was withdrawn from shelves across the UK, as it provoked violence and portrayed strong graphic content.

From a different view, certain people may be civil and mature enough to not be engrossed by such violence as they might not be so impressionable on them, as people like David Gauntlet might believe that the media negatively effects them and causes them to be irrational ,senseless and carefree. Generally, this concept of watching violence and therefore producing it usually causes moral panic as people might be objecting against violence in media, such as peaceful protests which end up in police inflicting violence on innocent people, terrorism and violence in wars.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Vladimir Propp's Seven Spheres of Action

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is about an archaeologist/professor, Indiana Jones , who is also known as Henry Jones (Harrison Ford) who, after recovering the Ark of the Covenant from treasure hunters, finds a diary which is left behind by his father Henry Jones Snr (Sean Connery), which contains information, including clues and maps about an artifact called the Holy Grail which allows its user to possess immortal life. However, Indiana Jones' father is missing, when he finds the diary. Indiana Jones must find the Holy Grail and must stave off rivalry from the modern Nazis in order to get it, as well as rescuing his father from the Nazis who need his diary.

The Villian- In the film, the main villains are the Nazis, who intend to get the Holy Grail and use it for their own evil plans of world domination and preservance of their Nazi race.

The Donor-
The donor in this film is Henry Jones Snr who gives his son , Henry Jones Jnr a diary which will lead him to the Holy Grail itself, through various clues, maps and diagrams.

The Helper-
In the film, there are various helpers in the form of Marcus Brody, Sallah and Henry Jones Snr who help Indian Jones find the Holy Grail and help him defeat the Nazis and stop them from obtaining the dairy.

The Princess-
The princess in this film is Elsa who needs to be rescued from the Nazis but could be sly, two faced and be scheming.

The Dispatcher-
In this film, Henry Jones Snr is seen to be the dispatcher, as he sends his son on a hunt to find the Holy Grail, a much treasured artifact which needs to be maintained and kept in a museum. Henry Jones gives him a diary which will help him find the grail and through maps, diagrams and bief descriptions he is intended to find the holy grail.

The Hero- Indiana Jones is the main protagonist or hero in the film, as the audience identify with him as he is the main character that is shown in the film and tends to restore the equilibrium, at the beginning of the film. which was at the beginning of the film

The False Hero- Intentionally, Elsa is seen to be the false hero, in that, at the beginnign of the film, she is seen to be insightful and helpful towards Indiana Jones in finding the Holy Grail, however, she turns out to be a two faced, manipulative character who ends up spying for the Nazis and aiding them in finding the grail, and just wants to have power.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Hollyoaks Episode Summary

Hollyoaks Episode on Monday 05 Oct 2009 6.30pm on Channel 4

Hollyoaks is a long running soap opera, set in Hollyoaks Community College in the Chester suburb. It revolves around the lives of teenagers who attend the college and their various experiences and feelings.

'Jake is let out of prison, but is unsure on returning home, however, Dr Sanders informs him of his immediate release.Meanwhile, Newt; one of the main teenage characters is on the run with his fiend Eli '.

This Hollyoaks episode is a typical linear narrative, as it focuses on various characters' stories and aims to show their own viewpoints . In some ways, it could be a multi strand narrative , as it mentions more than one narrative running parallel and involving various characters and locations, this type of narrative is common amongst other soaps such as Eastenders, Coronation Street. Interestingly, each episode begins with different genres of music to highlight the character's moods or feelings.

Within this episode, the main protagonist is Newt. In this episode, he is introduced and use of flashbacks and binary opposition, show his previous history and the fact that he has run away from home after murdering Gaz . Newt is left alone; through the use of extreme close up shot and big close up shot , the audience recognise Newt as the main character and begin to identify with him , as well as his family; the use of medium long shots at the beginning of the episode show Newt's family's worries over his safety and arouse concern over his well being.

At the beginning of the episode, Jake is introduced through a big close up shot
and medium long shot which could show he is being interviewed . Interestingly, there is use of binary opposition ,which could show his past and could intrigue audiences.Slowly, there is voice over of Jake and the camera is focused from a long shot angle and shows Newt drinking on a park bench, this transition could show audiences that Jake has had a troubled past and could directly link to Newt, as he is going through the same phase of retribution and resentment after he murdered Gaz. To a certian extent, this could be an enigma code , as the audience could be left in suspense over what will happen to Jake; will he be released and be accepted by his friends? and will Newt return to his family to be accepted, after he murdered Gaz?

In some ways, the audience could identify with Newt, as they could understand the guilty conscience and personal conflict, after going through a rough time and being followed by the police constantly. Similarly, we could identify with Newt as he has to hide and has to admit to murder, we could relate to him, as we the audience could have committed something terrible and could still have that guilt within our self, which we need to let out.

There is use of action codes within this episode, as Jake talks about confession and Newt is on the run after murdering Gaz, this narrative develops as Newt decides to confess about the murder. Newt and Eli stop a woman from committing suicide and Newt's family including his sister is worrying about him.

The episode begins with Jake confessing his guilt to Doctor Sanders about the crime which he had seen, this is seen to be the equilibrium . Consequently, the narrative develops as Newt; who is on the run for murder is provoked to steal an elderly woman's handbag by Eli, due to the fact that he cannot get access to food, because of potential forensic evidence, and so needs money to buy food; this is the disequilibrium. The new equilibrium is when Newt meets awoman named Rae who wants to committ sucide due to depression, but is prohibited by Newt, they later share a kiss.There is another new equilibrium, as Jake is released from the health institution.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Burger King: Angry Whopper advert

This is a BURGER KING advert which was aired on ITV1 during a film break


The Burger King advert features an anger management worker who talks to a group of people about an Angry Whopper which is out at Burger King and shows the group how to tackle the angry whopper emotionally. This advert would be aimed at males and females, as it is a burger which intends to combine difernet flavours which are aimed at each sex.


The advert shows the anger management worker shouting angrily at a dustbin collection lorry and shows sarcsam toward the lorry which is reversing. The idea of the advert is to signify that the angry whopper is chilly and is very strong, so therefore, it is aimed towards people who like spicy, strong flavours in their food. Also, audiences may identify with the worker, as the strong flavours might connotate anger, mixed passion and might result in humour from the audience.


The ideas of the advertisment is to encourage the audicne to try a new burger, which contains strong spices and a mixed pallette of flavours. The dominant reading, would be to try Burger King's new burger which has various flavours.

Harry Potter and the Philsopher's stone novel


Harry Potter discovers that he is a wizard and attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where becomes friends with Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley, he also makes enemies , notably Draco Malfoy . The main protroganist, Harry has a main enemy, which is Lord Voldermort, who killed his parents. Harry adjusts to life as a wizard and meets his teachers, such as Mr Snape, Professor Mc Gonagall, Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore and Professor Quirell who is the new defence against the dark arts teacher. Harry is put into Gryffindor house along with Hermoine and Ron. Harry also becomes the new seeker for the Gryfindor quidditch team.


During a quidditch match, Harry's broom controlled; realising it is Snape, Hermoine sets fire to Snape's robe, Hagrid, a close friend of Harry's and Hermoine's refuses to believe Snape was behind it , but lets slip that he bought a three-headed dog, and that the dog is guarding a secret that belongs to Professor Dumbledore and someone called Nicolas Flamel.
After receiving an invisibility cloak for Christmas, Harry researches about Flamel but is interrupted by the book which shrieks. Furthermore, Harry later consoles Neville;a fellow Gryffindor housemate after he is pranked by Malfoy, and gives him a sweet. The sweet seems to contain a collectible card which explains that Flamel is a 665 year old alchemist who possesses a stone called the Philospher's stone, from which can be extracted the elixir of life. Later, it is revealed that drinking unicorn blood will save the life of a mortally injured person, but only leaving them barely alive. Voldermort is suggested to drink the blood
to gain enough strength to make the elixir of life from the Philosopher's Stone, and regain full health by drinking it.


Harry and his friends use his invisibility cloak to reach the three headed dog's chamber, where the dog is asleep on top of a trap door, after opening the trap door they encounter obstacles requiring specialist skills, one of which involves Ron getting sacrificed and Hermoine unconscious. Harry proceeds and finds Mr Quirell, who talks to Harry . It is revealed that
Quirrell serves Voldemort and serves him in order for success.
However the only other object in the room is the Mirror of Erised, and Quirrell can see no sign of the Stone. Quirrel forces Harry to stand in front of the Mirror. Quirrell removes his turban, revealing the face of Voldemort on the back of his head. Quirrell tries to grab the stone from Harry, but simply touching Harry causes Quirrell's flesh to burn. Consequently, Harry defeats Voldermort as he becomes disintegrated and lays unconscious. After recovering from hospital, he is seen to have saved the day

Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


The Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring revolves around the character Frodo Baggins who lives in a peaceful village known as ' The Shire', he is close friends with the wizard Gandalf,who knows Frodo's uncle, Bilbo Baggins.


As there is a party held for Biblo Baggins 111th birthday in the Shire, Bilbo attends and retells his story of adventure to the Shire folk , where he gives a speech to the villagers and ends up disappearing. Frodo manages to go to Bilbo's house , where he meets Gandalf who gives him priority of the Ring, and tells him to keep it safe and in the future dispose of it in Mordor. The Ring is seen to be extremely powerful and must not be in the hands of evil, as it once used to be.Gandalf orders Frodo to go away from the Shire to Bree with Sam and escape the attention of evil. The Lord of the Rings is fixated on Frodo who has to destroy the ring, as it could lead to catastrophy and destruction of Middle Earth. The film shows how he avoids evil and is aided by the Fellowship; Aragon, Boromir, Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Pippin ,Merry and Sam Gamgee who vow to protect Frodo and help dispose of the ring. They come across evil in all forms including the Balrog, the orcs; who are servants of the Dark Lord Sauron who aims to get the ring, in order to retain his power in physical form.


After Gandalf is taken by the Balrog, the fellowship head to Parth Galen, where they are ambushed by orcs and have to stave off the enemies who want the ring. After much fighting, the
Fellowship are seperated, as the orcs take Merry and Pippin who distract the other orcs, resulting in Frodo escaping with Sam. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli go to Boromir who is injured after being shot with an arrow whilst attemting to save Merry and Pippin. The film results in the each of the Fellowship's quest to help destroy the evil forces and the ring in their sepearte ways. Unlike other films, there is still evil present and still not defeated, as evil is fighting its way back and there still is a power struggle.

The Incredibles;Children's movie


The Incredibles are a family of superheroes; Mr and Mrs Incredible and their son, Dash and daughter , Violet who used to be active crime fighters back in their heyday, but have chose to become 'normal' , as there has been bad publicity regarding superheroes. Mr Incredible's friend, Frozone is also left to leave the crime fighting limelight.They live in an enclosed community where they have normal office jobs and attend public school and live a life of normality and harmony.


The Incredibles' lives take an unexpected turn, when they are called into action to fight a notorious villain, Syndrome, who used to be a fan of Mr Incredible, but was rejected, due to the fact that Mr Incredible used to "fight alone", and decides to take his revenge and become 'king of the universe',through his super gadget and mega robot and with the help of The Underminer. Syndrome attacks the city with the mega robot and the Underminer. Therefore, the rest of the Incredibles and Frozone have to foil Syndrome's plan and save the planet from melt down.


Mr Incredible decides to work with his family and destroys the main part of the robot, initially saving the day. However, Syndrome has other plans, as he escapes from the city, to the Incredibles' house which he figures out and attempts to kidnap Jack Jack, the youngest Incredible family member. Surprisingly, as he tries to escape in his jet, he underestimates the baby, who has shape shifting qualities, and wriggles from his grasp. Jack Jack is thrown off , but is saved by Mrs Incredible, resulting in her being able to make a parachute due to her shape shifting abilities. Meanwhile, Syndrome tries to escape from his jet, however, his cape is caught in the jet's propeller, resulting in his demise. The Incredibles resort to living their previous life of harmony.