Friday, 23 October 2009

Ace of Spades film Trailer review

Ace of Spades is about gangsters and addiction to gambling, murder, lies and deception.

The trailer revolves around Sundeep, who is the main gangster and who's addiction comes at a cost....

As the trailer is aimed at gang culture, the stereotypes would usually be wearing formal attire ie suits, have classy cars and have a big personality.

The use of close up shots and special effects; when one of the gangsters is flipping the poker chips is very effective, as well as the scattering of the poker chips on the table is very effective. There were various action codes in the film, e.g the card games and use of cards, as gambling would lead to Sundeep's downfall.

Interestingly, the use of mise -en- scene and camera angles and shots, such as long shots, medium and close up shots were very sophisticated and cohesive.

The use of urban setting and rough areas of the city are aimed at an elder teenage audience, as they can identify with the protagonist, as the audience identify with him throughout the film.
Certain areas may link to typical gangster genre films, as there is use of a criminal stereotype which encourages violence and extortion of money

This film would be considered to be aimed at a C2/D/E demographic as they have disposable income and tend to watch more films than other socio ecomic groups such as A B.

To a certain extent, certain audience might catharsise themselves, as they might feel that watching gangster films may be too explicit and may have negative references and reflections on society.

Interestingly, the audience might be desensitized toward this film trailer, as they might be used to the recurring theme of violence and honour killings, as they might be bombarded by news spreading moral panic to viewers about gun and knife crime and how it is rising daily and might be aroused to a specific degree.

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