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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is about an archaeologist/professor, Indiana Jones , who is also known as Henry Jones (Harrison Ford) who, after recovering the Ark of the Covenant from treasure hunters, finds a diary which is left behind by his father Henry Jones Snr (Sean Connery), which contains information, including clues and maps about an artifact called the Holy Grail which allows its user to possess immortal life. However, Indiana Jones' father is missing, when he finds the diary. Indiana Jones must find the Holy Grail and must stave off rivalry from the modern Nazis in order to get it, as well as rescuing his father from the Nazis who need his diary.

The Villian- In the film, the main villains are the Nazis, who intend to get the Holy Grail and use it for their own evil plans of world domination and preservance of their Nazi race.

The Donor-
The donor in this film is Henry Jones Snr who gives his son , Henry Jones Jnr a diary which will lead him to the Holy Grail itself, through various clues, maps and diagrams.

The Helper-
In the film, there are various helpers in the form of Marcus Brody, Sallah and Henry Jones Snr who help Indian Jones find the Holy Grail and help him defeat the Nazis and stop them from obtaining the dairy.

The Princess-
The princess in this film is Elsa who needs to be rescued from the Nazis but could be sly, two faced and be scheming.

The Dispatcher-
In this film, Henry Jones Snr is seen to be the dispatcher, as he sends his son on a hunt to find the Holy Grail, a much treasured artifact which needs to be maintained and kept in a museum. Henry Jones gives him a diary which will help him find the grail and through maps, diagrams and bief descriptions he is intended to find the holy grail.

The Hero- Indiana Jones is the main protagonist or hero in the film, as the audience identify with him as he is the main character that is shown in the film and tends to restore the equilibrium, at the beginning of the film. which was at the beginning of the film

The False Hero- Intentionally, Elsa is seen to be the false hero, in that, at the beginnign of the film, she is seen to be insightful and helpful towards Indiana Jones in finding the Holy Grail, however, she turns out to be a two faced, manipulative character who ends up spying for the Nazis and aiding them in finding the grail, and just wants to have power.

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