Sunday, 6 December 2009

Meet the Parents Film Still Analysis

Film still from Meet the Parents(2000)

This still from Meet the Parents is a low angle shot of the protagonist, Greg Focker. The use of the low angle shot connotes a sense of tension and panic, as the character seems to be desperately hanging onto a cat, whilst on top of a roof of a house and with fire starting in the gutter. The facial expressions of the protagonists connote fear and anxiety, as he does not want to let go of the cat, and let him fall.

There is use of high key lighting and under lighting, this along with the low angle shot seem to signify the importance of the character in the frame, the protagonist's hand and features are accentuated and defined through lighting, although shadows are present, which intentionally is used to alleviate the protagonist, that is positioned on the left hand side of the frame. The audience seem to be like observers from a low angle and could identify with the protagonist, this angle shows how the audience are expecting the cat to be safe and for the tension and trouble to be extinguished. Surprisingly, the enigma code can be suggested by the audience, as they are unsure of whether the cat will fall, if the protagonist will get injured , and if the fire will be recognised and eventually extinguished.

The use of costume on the protagonist and the cat as a prop in the frame seem to connote uncertainty, as to if the cat will survive, and in the protagonist's case, normality and trouble , as he could have let the cat out, when he was not supposed to, and was thought be doing things right.

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