Sunday, 6 December 2009

Batman:The Dark Knight Film Still Analysis

Film still from Batman:Dark Knight (2008)

This still, from Batman;The Dark Knight is a high angle shot of the main protagonist, Batman. The protagonist can be identified by the audience, as he has a black cape, which are meant to resemble a bat's wings. The protagonist's costume is a black armoured suit with a belt. The use of the colour black could connote mystery and dormancy, as the costume is meant to resemble the body of a bat, which is black and can fly, as connoted by the extensive wings.

The use of the high angle shot and top lighting could connote a sense of danger, as he seems to be swooping down to the audience, making them feel threatened. The swooping down pose seems to suggest that the protagonist is in action and could be the hero, as he is involved in an action code. The use of top lighting seems to accentuate the features of the protagonist, in order to draw attention to him.

In regards to setting, the protagonist seems to be in a car park setting, the film could be set in a city, as the film could be a typical good vs evil binary opposition based film and could involve the fight between the two rivals in the narrative. The use of high key lighting and filler light could uplift the protagonist and highlight him as being important in the frame, as he is positioned on the centre of the frame,which signifies that he is the hero and alleviates the goodness of the character.


  1. Can it bepossible to create another review of the film itself as a whole and how it portrays good andevil characters?

  2. * I meant by a review of this film....
    Anyways your review is very good! XD

  3. omg, reading people trying to discuss film techiques is so fking retarded and imagine they teach this sht at schools too. Pathetic really...

  4. i need a review on the title of the film, any ideas?

    1. Try The Guardian, Empire magazine or other online reviews for the film.