Sunday, 6 December 2009

Casino Royale Film Still Analysis

Film Still from Casino Royale (2006)

In this film still, there is a supposed gambling game taking place, in what looks like a casino setting. The use of medium shots of the protagonist on the left hand side of the still is identified by the audience, as his facial expression connotes a sense of composed tension, he is seemingly unfazed by the various tensions faced by the other gamblers. The costumes worn by the characters in the still connote a sense of formality and wealth, as they are wearing suits and have bow ties, which could show that they are involved in a formal event.

Also, the use of high key lighting and filler light, could connote how the characters in the still are the main focal point and are focused in detail. Interestingly, the man behind the gamblers is seemingly insignificant and is conveyed through low key lighting, as being an overseer. The frame only involves the protagonist and the main characters in the game, which connotes their importance. To some extent, the use of low key lighting in the background seems to draw attention to the game and the characters, which could connote that the character's tensions and focus is signified by the audience.The character's focus in the frame is towards the right hand side, which could connote that they are drawn to something.

The use of props, ie the gambling chips and cards in the still connote a sense of chance and uncertainty, as the charcters' facial expressions connote a sense of anxiety and tension. Also, their facial expressions could be an enigma code, as the audience does'nt seem to know which player is going to win the game.


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