Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Analysis of Newspapers: The Daily Express

The Daily Express is a conservative, mid market British tabloid newspaper. The Daily Express is a flagship of the Express Newspapers group, which is collectively owned by Richard Desmond. This newspaper has a circulation of 728,296.

This front page of the Daily Express is laid out with large fonts. Notably, the front page seems to be dominated with text, the image is positioned in the bottom right hand corner of the page, which could show how the readership could be formed of intellectuals and could be be laid out to look appealing. Also, there is a caption underneath the image which summarise the image, and shows how the weather conditions are disatrous, as evident through words like rain, foam and snow. Evidently, there is use of the web address at the top of the page, which could show how the readers could access the newspaper's website for news updates and information. In addition, there is use of a dateline in small font to show what date the newspaper is released on. Poignantly, there is use of a pug , on the top of the front page, which could immediately grab the reader's attention, as the price is uplifted and seemingly illuminated with a bold yellow font which could make the reader buy the newspaper as it is relatively cheap and affordable.

Whats more, the newspaper seems to have a reputable slogan stating that the Daily Express is "the world's greatest newspaper", this could connote to the readership that the newspaper is genuine and is useful and spontaneous in its own right and seems to boast of its reputation. As well as this, the front page uses a bold masthead, with a mascot of St George, the patron saint of England, which connotes how the newspaper represents England and its values, traditions etc. As the mascot is in red and white, it could connote how the newspaper is patriotic of England and is therefore significant.

Evidently, there is use of the headline, which is the focal point on the front page of this newspaper, as the use of the serif font in signifies how the content of the newspaper is more formal, yet it is in a large bold, black font which could grab the reader's attention and could be more serious, in comparison to The Sun newspaper which uses mainly sans serif fonts, which connote a sense of informality and boldness. Structurally, the front page uses a bold sans serif font for the strapline, which could imply how the main story is about salmonella and food being imported, it summarises the main headline and is therefore in bold. Interestingly, this particular story might have been chosen as the leader, as it could be an important issue in society; in regards to the scare of diseases such as swine flu and other outbreaks. In accordance, the use of the standfirst is depicted using a serif font and is summarised, effectively, the article could be therefore captivating for the reader as they may choose to read on, as the main headline and strapline and shocking and seem to make a statement, as the revelation of imported food being contaminated could result in moral panic, as people might be cautious to buy or eat imported produce, in this case from Spain. Also, the front page includes a by line highlighting the writer of the article in a smaller font.

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