Sunday, 6 December 2009

Analysis of film stills

Freddy vs Jason Film Still

This particular film still is a long shot of Jason Voorhees, one of the antagonists from the film Freddy vs Jason. The use of the long shot connotes a sense of power and sincerity, as he is signified as being dangerous, as evident in the shot, where he is holding a prop which is a machete.

Through the use of low key lighting, Jason is connoted as being quite sinister and lethal, as his pose is rigorous and his clothes seem rugged and informal, which could connote that he has been involved in some sort of action, as the setting also helps to describe what sort of setting the character is involved in.Jason could be an evil character, who goes on a killing spree, this still could develop the narrative, as it could be a point in the narrative where he is introduced. The use of a hockey mask could connote how he is adamant to keep his identity secret from the audience, and could be an enigma code for the audience , as they are unsure of who is and why is he hiding his face.

As well as this, the use of filler light and back lighting could connote that Jason could be a potential hero in the film , as he is positioned in the centre of the frame, which could highlight his significance, and could be identified by the audience, as being the unusual hero. However, this could also be an enigma code, as his pose and costume could be connoting a sense of rebellion and violence, as he is holding a machete weapon. as he is glorified with use of high key lighting, this could be a dominant reading in the film. This still could be an action code, as Jason is introduced with a weapon , which could show how action is about to take place.


  1. Hi i think that all you have said has been rather spot on and well justified, I am a AS film studies and media studies student In chichester college and was wondering if you cared to see how im doing on my Blog for my coursework. ta.