Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Feature Film Analysis- Planet of the apes

Planet of the Apes Scene

The scene is introduced in a market place 'auction' type setting in a land where apes are superior and humans are inferior. The scene begins with the human slave dealer, the so called protagonist in this scene; who happens to be an articulate monkey, is dressed in a formal suit which defines his status and his ability to talk is fascinating . The use of digetic and non digetic sound is apparent, as dialogue is used by the character and at the same time
the background music plays which produces an effect.

The use of mise en scene is evident, as the protagonist's facial expressions connote how he values his status and by the way he is dressed could also signify to the audience that he is of superior status and therefore the audience could identify with him in this scene, as he seems to generate humour through his vague quips and witty assumptions . Also, the way he smirks and sardonically views the other characters could connote how he looks down on them and is desensitised by them, as he hates humans. Furthermore, as the scene begins, the character is composed , so that he is looking at the screen and possibly at the audience, this position is highlight through low key lighting and a close up shot of him. Also, the use of a soldier is evident , as the soldier seems to be dressed civilly and honourably and responds to the dealer using arrogant and angry tones .

Whats more, the scene progresses thorugh a fade and wipe after 28 seconds, as there is introduction to a girl through a long shot, she is wearing a gown and also seems to speak in a stereotypical childlike fashion. Similarly, the use of panning signifies the progression of the scene after 28 seconds . In addition, other characters such as the general and his fiancee are conveyed through a medium shot, the general appears to be stubborn and insighted by the dealer through his body language which signifies warmth, as he puts his arm over his fiancee's shoulder who seems aggrieved .

Interestingly, within the scene there is use of low key lighting, which raises the contrast of emotions and top lighting which is used to draw focus on the main character that is being signified. There is use of a tracking shot which intends to follow the main characters in the frame within the scene.

However, the general's mood is tensed and angered, as he threatens other characters through his grunt, halfway through the scene, this could signify that the general could be ignorant, stubborn and selfless. As a consequence, the dealer feels shocked and surprised, as his facial expression shows.

The dealer uses props, as he gives the little girl a collar, which could signify that she could keep a human as her pet. Her reluctance at seeing the belt, creates unease for the dealer ,as he is apprehended, as the scene shows though close up and medium shots. The scene uses monatge,as it quickly leads to the following scene.

The general's fiancee is threatened by one of the humans who happens to be the main protagonist in the film, he uses an iron rod and causes tension and panic amongst the primate superiors, the dealer's facial expression is that of anguish and fright, whereas the fiancee is calm but internally frigid, as she looks at him suspiciously, which could connote that he wants to escape as he is being confined by the dealer and resorts to seizing the woman as bait.

The scene fades and immediately leads to the dealer who is captured by the rebellious humans and is threatened with a gun by the human, his inital reaction is that if fright and fear, as his body language denotes he is fearful,as he is apprehensive and tedious. The use of irony is evident , as there is a reversal of fortune, as the humans are in control.

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