Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Analysis of Arthouse and Multiplex

Arthouse film- The Good, the Bad and the Weird

What do you think the film is about and what might the story be?

The Good,The Bad, The Wierd could be an Korean spaghetti western spoof/ adventure genre based film, as the poster's font connotes a western theme, for example the bullet holes may connote violence. Evidently, the film is signified as a western, as the Korean protagonists are stereotyped as cowboys, as their poses suggest violence and the audience could identify with them, through the way they are dressed, what object they are showing, ie guns. Interestingly, this could raise the action codes within the film. The film could be about rival bandits fighting each other in a desert setting, from the title of the film we could suggest that three protagonists are identifiable by the audience. The tagline immediately denotes an adventure genre, "Three outlaws.. One map.. No prisoners, this could signify that the film is about a quest to find treasure and could be an enigma code within this film. The use of binary opposition " good vs evil " could be significant with the plot and could be a disequilibrium within the film.

What genre(s) do you think the film belongs to?

The film belongs to an action/adventure genre, as the tagline connotes adventure, as the use of a map could signify a possible adventure and use of binary oppostion of 'good vs evil' could suggest action.

Who do you think is the target audience?

The film's target audience could be adults aged 21 or above, as arthouse films tend to be aimed at an A/B socio economic group and an intellectual psychographic, as the film could be insightful and raise questions. This audience could be seen to be the negotiated reading as the creators intend to focus on this particular group, however it could be oppositional reading, as other audiences may catharsise themselves against the film, as it promotes violence and negative content and could raise moral panic. The film could be aimed at explorers as they seek discovery , but could also be aimed at reformers who seek enlightenment and change

Multiplex film- The Simpsons movie

What do you think the story is about and what might the story be?

The Simpsons movie is a hybrid of genres, as it is an animated comedy adventure, as the poster signifies the Simpson family in a long shot, who are in various action poses, for example Lisa is showing an inquisitive , curious expression, Bart and Marge are also both in action poses. The film could be linked to a scenario, as the film is associated with the television show. The film could be based around a multi strand narrative, as there are multiple protagonists who each have their own characteristics such as Homer, who fits into the typical male stereotype who drinks, eats and likes sports. Therefore, the audience could identify with any of the characters.

What genre(s) do you think the film belongs to?

The film poster connotes adventure,as the protagonists are in various poses. Evidently, the film is an animation, and could be seen to be a zeitgeist, as it could be an 'artificial version of reality'. As it is related to the popular television show, the film is a comedy, as it uses humour and sarcasm and transfers characteristics from the television show to the film itself.

Who do you think is the main target audience?

The film could appeal to a broad audience, with ages from 10 to 40,as the film's storyline and scenarios would be of interest to adults, as well as the humour and other aspects to the film. In terms of socio economic groups, the film would be aimed towards a C1/C2/D/E demographic, as the audiences would understand the plot easier in comparison to other films such s art house films. Also, the film would be aimed at strugglers, as they seek escape from the busy lifestlyle and possibly reformers who seek enlightenment and desire a change

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