Thursday, 12 November 2009

Analysis of Mise en Scene for a still image

This still image text is from the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


The main protagonist is identified to the audience as Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), as he is shining a torch, which could show he is in command and his maturity could make him the lead protagonist. Indiana Jones is wearing his trademark stereotypical cowboy hat. Jones is wearing a beige suede jacket and matching beige trousers which seen to connote adventure, as brown signifies practicality and conservatism.

Also, the teenage character next to Jones is wearing a black leather vintage jacket and blue jeans, this could connote to the audience that stereotypically, he is a rebel, as well as his greased, low cut hair, which is associated with teenage boys.


Within the image, there is use of key light, which is intended to focus on the two characters in the frame, in accordance, back light is used to impose the protagonists within the frame and to make the characters seem rounded. Most importantly, top lighting and low key lighting are used to accentuate the features of the two characters in the frame, as well as depicting the characters in a cave setting which tends to be dimly lit. The overall intentions are to convey a binary opposition of light (chiaro) and dark (oscuro), and shadows in balance with light are used to create a dramatic effect. High key lighting is used to convey the fact that torches are shining


In this image, the main actors are Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf

Make up

The actors seem to be wearing make up, as their faces and hands seem to be dirty, as they are on an adventure and are looking at an object or area in the floor which has some significance and could be an enigma code as the audience intend to find out what they are looking at.


Both of the protagonists appear to be holding torches, as the image clearly signifies the characters holding torches and are pointing towards the floor as if they have discovered something, this could also be an action code. Most importantly, the props used could be Indiana Jones' hat, as it is stereotypical in all of the Indiana Jones films and in the narrative and could be associated with the genre of adventure and could be a dominant reading.


Generally, in this image, the protagonists appear to be in a enclosed cave setting, as the image clearly signifies the charcters in a dim light , the setting could relate to the genre of adventure, as it is about discovery and could lead to the pursuit of an object of substantial importance and value.

To a certain extent, by looking at the image, the film could be aimed at an D/E psychographic or socio ecomic group, as they enjoy the adventure genre and could be aimed at budding adventure film fanatics. As well as this, the film could be aimed at explorers or strugglers as they tend to be independent and want to seek escape.

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