Tuesday, 22 September 2009

'Stranger' Movie Review

With the success of many student videos across the school, there have been some movies which have simply captivated and entertained viewers to an extent. Through glimpsing at various videos from a diverse choice of genre; such as crime, drug taking, I became attracted to a particular movie named 'Stranger', which is a docudrama film produced by New Line Cinema
(Hollywood) .

Interestingly titled 'Stranger', the movie is a mainstream film revolves around the issue of bullying and how it affects people, a majority of which are teenagers. Within the movie, there is a mise en scene such as facial expressions of sadness from the lead actress and angry gestures from the bullies. To some extent, there are denotations that bullying can traumatise the victims, as the film shows the victims being excluded and left in solitude.

'Stranger' is the name given to the main protagonist who is bullied because she is different from the other people in her school, and is therefore named stranger as nobody wants to know her just becuase of the way she looks like.

The film seems to be aimed at a general teenage audience; the film's idea is to raise awareness of bullying and to try to campaign against ending bulling in school, and in general society. In my opinion, the film's message of bullying was addressed very poignantly and very sincerely,as the directors tried to show the consequences of bullying and how it can affect a person. As well as this, the movie tries to express liberal values such as eradicating bullying and enforcing a change.

Through the use of expert cinematography, 'Stranger' uses a variety of camera angles for settings, and characters such as a medium shots, long shots, close up shots and various zooms at the beginning of the film to introduce the main character. Although set in a school environment, 'Stranger' adds that aspect of realism to the audience as they become familiar with what the lead actress goes through throughout the film. Interestingly, there is use of dialogue, at the beginning when the character is talking to someone. Within the film, there is use of flashbacks, wipes, fade outs which create a dramatic effect on the captivated audience. The use of flashbacks shows the audience how past events make the main actress confront the bullies and prove to them that she is just an ordinary person and has the right to be associated with other people .

Evidently, from viewing the film I would definitely recommend the film as it portrays the serious issue of bullying formally and shows the audience how bullying can be a traumatic and saddening issue for the victims of bullying. You should see the film, as it has expert cinmeatography and is directed really well.

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