Saturday, 26 September 2009

GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra film poster analysis

The film poster 'GI Joe:The Rise of the Cobra',is aimed at promoting the release of the highly anticipated action film of the month;'GI Joe:The Rise of the Cobra'.

Firstly, the use of colours on the advert is a contrast of dark amber and a cold dark blue divide.The use of such colours may connote the fact that there might be a evil vs evil rivalry, as there is a colour divide. The use of a dark yellow colour denotes evil and a sense of danger or corruption.On the contrary, the use of the cold blue colours may connote the contrasting evil side which are more adept,skillful, suave and calm. Similarly,the use of tag lines in contrasting colours may connote the power struggle amongst the evil groups, for example the bold red connotes evil, sincerity, danger, malice, anger, wrath. However, the use of dark blue may connote integrity, seriousness and the conflict of power.

Interestingly, the use of poses in the film poster symbolises that the characters are ready for action, in conflicting positions and are sophisticated, for example the woman at the top of the poster is in a suave style and may connote sex appeal towards the audience who might be teenagers, mainly male.

Similarly, the framing in the film poster may suggest that these specific characters are influential in the film. In correspondence, the use of composition is prolific in this film poster, as the use of the title and sub heading in the centre emphasises the importance of the film as a whole.Similarly,the way the characters are positioned may imply that the gang leaders are dominant and efficacious and that each gang is seemingly powerful.
Moreover, the use of size in the film poster may suggest that the characters; mainly the leaders, are a vital part of film, so therefore are super imposed. Also, the size of the title and font maybe used to emphasise the popularity of the film and genre.

The film poster's use of shots and angles may imply that the characters and influential, steadfast and testosterone fuelled for action. Moreover, the poster's use of medium shots suggests that the film might emphasise on the characters which are shown on the poster. By using medium shots, the poster effectively aims to captivate the audience , as they may be induced in to watching the film due to the way the poster uses medium shots to convey the characters' poses in an action shot, which relates to the action film genre.

The use of weapons in the poster and suave, stylish clothing worn by the charcters links to the action genre, as it might invlove graphic violence and might revolve around a struggle for power between two rival evil gangs and might indicate that the gangs might want power for various reasons. The taglines, "Evil never looked so good", is ironic as the audience might not immediately relate to evil as being 'good', so therfore might be surprised if they are going to watch the film.

Interestingly, the film poster's setting might be in a strange, secular place where the characters are situated, such as a military base, but the setting for the overall poster seems to be unknown. As well as this, there is use of a mise en scene, as the clothes worn by the characters link to the genre of action,as they are tight rugged.Similarly, the facial expressions shown by the characters connote the idea of the characters being manipulative, cunning and evil, as they have a look of anticipation and readiness.The use of props such as weapons, face masks and guns immediately has an effect on the audience, as they immediately become to associate the poster to a typical action film, which usually involves, violence, revenge, power struggles and other such conventions. The film poster's use of lighting is varied, as there is use of low key lighting;it is mainly fixated on the central characters on the poster, whereas there is use of dimmed light on the other characters who might be influential but not enough.Also, there is use of under lighting and filler lighting, which is used to justify the main aspects of the poster itself and induce the audience into watching the film as there is use of emphasis and definition amongst the characters in the poster.

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